6 Reasons why your website needs to be responsive

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Responsive Websites

The world of internet and online presence comes with a lot of perks, one of them being responsive
web designing. This simply means an approach to web design that makes the web pages render well
on a variety of devices or screen sizes.

And yes, your business website needs to be responsive across all these devices because of a couple
reasons which I will explain below so lets dive in.

1. Responsive Websites Give You SEO Advantage

With great responsiveness comes favours from search engines like Google and Bing. A website with a good user experience known as UX has a better advantage at ranking higher on search results.

Most search engines if not all of them have a higher preference on mobile-friendly websites, which is gained through investing in responsive web designing. This simply means that if your website is well balanced in terms of responsiveness then you should be on your way to a great reach across the internet streets.

2. Responsive Websites Increase Revenue

Having a responsive website is like selling a product that caters for all income levels from the lowest to the highest earning individuals meaning that at least a huge chunk of the overall population is connected to your business. Literally speaking, no one is exempted.

More than 50% of the entire web users now use mobile devices to surf through the web looking for products to buy, news, recommendations among others. With a responsive website, you are likely to receive more customers through the mobile version of your website which subsequently leads to an overall increase in revenue.

3. Responsive Websites Are Cost-Effective

Most businesses and individuals have really limited knowledge with regards to websites in general. When a website is responsive, it removes the element of having to develop 2 separate websites, the main website and a mobile friendly website.

In other words, it cuts costs by making sure that you do not have a reason to high a mobile developer and maintain 2 different websites as well as optimizing both of them so that they remain identical and relevant across the web.

4. Responsive Websites Are Adaptable

With responsive web design, your website is responsive to any screen size without any problems encountered by the user. In simpler terms, there will be no difference between a user visiting your website using mobile device, desktop or tablet.

According to recent statistics, there are more mobile user than any other devices meaning that the number of people who surf the internet uses mobile devices. With these kinds of numbers, you can as well invest on a responsive website and take advantage of the ever-growing mobile internet traffic.

5. Responsive Websites Are Easy To Manage

One of the few olden days hustle was keeping your website up to date frequently. It meant that you had to keep your website in shape by updating all versions of the website until web development got better and we had responsive web designs.

With a responsive website, you are automatically cutting yourself from potential headaches and stress of having to frequently updating and managing redirects for people with different devices.

6. Responsive Websites Look Good on New Phones

The technology world has an ever-changing environment. New devices are released almost daily with new features and new software. These kinds of changes can also mean that your website should also change.

However, responsive web design makes it easier for the website to automatically scale in size no matter the screen size or changes made to software among other factors that might have a direct effect on it.

With all that side, you have every reason to make a quick decision and invest in a responsive website so that you stay ahead of your competition. If your website only supports one screen size, imagine what you are missing out on.

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