Website Maintenance

Website hosting, maintenance and content plans that keep your site fast, secure and fresh.

Stress Free

Let us take care of the technical side of maintenance and updates ensuring your website fast and secure for your users


Extra levels of security, monitoring and regular software updates help protect your website from hacks and threats


Latest server technology and regular maintenance keeps your website running fast and help improve SEO

Up To Date

Website best practices and regulation constantly changes. We keep up to date with this so you don’t have to

Website Hosting

Fast and reliable website hosting with 99.9% uptime guarantee and SSL certification. Your new website will be hosted on servers built with full SSD infrastructure and HTTP/2 enabled for faster loading speed

Daily Backup

We backup your website daily. Files are kept for a maximum of two weeks

Get Hosting Starts from R97 pm

What is SSL Certification?

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certifies the authentication of your website and activates the padlock icon and https:// protocol

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SSD Infrastructure

SSD (Solid State Drives) are faster and more dependable than the mechanical option meaning faster loading times for your website

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Content Updates

Keep your site fresh and relevant with regular content updates. We can add your sales promotions, new information, images, videos, blogs and more

Give me Some Examples

Websites are a great way to showcase time-limited promotions or sales with a pop-up ad or specific landing page. Become a thought leader or expert in your field with regular blogs. Capture potential client data with a free Ebook download. Content is quick to create and ensures your website is working for your business

Get Content Updates Starts from R397pm

Does The Time Roll Over?

Website content updates can roll over for a maximum of 2 months only.

Get Content Updates Starts from R397pm

What if My Updates takes More Than 1 Hour?

We always try to get your updates done within one hour. However, if you have updates that will take longer we will give you an estimate on time and a discounted hourly rate for plan customers.

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WebCare +

Your website is an important business asset that reflects your credibility and ultimately generates income. We monitor and protect it from hackers and ensure software is updated and backed up daily.


What if You Didn't Build My Website?

Unfortunately, some websites come to us in a poor state and we may need to charge a set up feel to make things right before we can start your WebCare+ plan. We will give you an estimate once we have assessed your website.

There is no setup fee for sites we have built.

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Updates & Optimisation

Regular updates of WordPress core and plugin software keeps your website running smooth, fast and secure

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Monitoring & Protection

Your website will include tools and measures to prevent hacking, malware with monitoring and scanning for malicious activities

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Support & Report

30-minute tech support such as adding content plus a monthly report on your website traffic included every month.

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Website Maintenace Prices

Discounts Available For Combinations

Annual Price Plans Available - Pay for 11 Months Get 12th Month Free

No Contracts or Termination Fees